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    An archive of digital creations which offers ready to download royalty-free digital assets for paid members and exclusive clients. With over 1,000,000 items accessible to users, would be a truly time-saving solutions for those who wants quick contents for their medium of communications.

    A Knowledge  Sharing Platform consists of more than 700,000 posted guides to provide rich information to audiences who are curious of anything. Well organized to adapt in a busy world of knowledge hungry people.

    A Philippine product curator with Millions of data archives about Philippine products. This digital platform built to ease searching of local available products.

    Digital Marketing Folks
    Digital marketing Folks is an online training hub for digital marketers. This has vast data and information modules necessary to teach individuals merely online and learn the crucial methods to market products using web technology and other digital options.

    Our Digital Publications has digital proprietary of over 10,000 self-produced items and over 500 sites, blogs and microblogs authored by our virtual workforce.

    Promoting happiness through web technology and digital contents. A platform for happy seeking people.

    CreativeSpot Channel - #creativespotchannel
    We continously build creative digital products that converts to anything useful. We have online availability of these products for those business and people who wants to save time, wear something creative, decor their rooms and anything creative purposes.

    A subsidiary of HASLOO NETWORK, for printing supply chain solutions. The Print Supply Chain Digital Platform of MAGIKA P & D has integration of supply chain management and digital ecosystem to provide among stakeholders their environment requires enabling ease of communication and transaction.

    A subsidiary of HASLOO NETWORK, an army of Digital Ecosystem Professionals for building your digital ecosystem for your businesses and organizations. Skills possess by people of DIGITALECO can digitally transform any business into something competitive and high performing assets.

    This Digital Platform let Filipino find the appropriate lender and loanee to meet and talk in a platform where communication was easy and quick. User has options to choose the right amount, time, interest, discounts and opportunities either in money and property form offered by lender. Loanee can have offers and opportunities to choose from line of lenders.


Hasloo Network is backed by iMSGI Co. Limited, a Philippine registered company with SEC Reg. No: PL201824660